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Can I install RATS myself?

Yes, you can install RATS. It installs and fieldstrips in seconds, requires no tools and returns to "zero" instantly.


Is there a manufacturer's warranty on RATS?

Yes, there is a 3 Year limited warranty.

How do I use RATS?


To activate RATS simply press the button on the foregrip. There is NO pressure activiation switches to jeopardize your position and possibly your life. RATS ACTIVATES WHEN YOU WANT IT TO ACTIVATE. RATS is designed for ambidextrous use and is totally ergonomic. All wiring and electronics are completely confined to the vertical foregrip. There are no appendages or attachments which get in your way.


What kind of batteries does the RATS require?

6 Volt PX28L you get at a local convenience store or wherever you purchase your batteries.

How long will the battery last?

2.5 hours of continuous use.

What about green and blue lasers?

Not for this application. For the same reason that 635 nm lasers are more visible than 670 nm, blue or green will have no advantage over 635 nm for firearms sights. The limit is the response of your eye. Blue and green lasers have great promise in other areas, such as CDs and optical data storage. Because of the shorter wavelength, greater amounts of information can be stored in the same space.

What is Maximum Hit Probability Under Combat Conditions?

This is the percentage or the accuracy a shooter has when aiming, firing and hitting a target while under stress from being in a tense situation. RATS has the HIGHEST HIT PROBABILITY due to target acquisition on one (1) focal plane, instead of three planes (rear sight, front sight, target) required by traditional iron sights. RATS also pioneered and has patents pending for integrating laser optics with automatic weapons.

Are lasers hazardous to my eyes?

The RATS' lasers are classified as Class IIIA and Class IIIB devices. Although not classified as eyesafe, it would be difficult to cause permanent eye damage with the laser because your natural blink reflex would kick in before any damage could occur.

Will RATS be coming out with other devices and/or accessories for any other weaponry?

Yes, RATS is in development to manufacture other products as well as the RATS 840 and RATS 635 for other manufacturers' guns.

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