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Not Prone to Mirage caused by Barrel Heat!

All Wiring and Electronics are

Completely Confined to the Vertical Foregrip


Fully Adjustable for Windage and Elevation

No Tools Required to Field-Strip or to Re-Assemble!

Does not Alter Balance of the Weapon


Our Lasers are so Bright - you can literally

Identify Target without the use of an Illuminator!

Rapid Acquisiton Targeting Systems RATS, is a revolutionary laser targeting system for use on the HK* MP5 / MP5K / MP5K-PDW / MP5-10 / MP5-40 / HK53, STEYR AUG** 5.56 mm & 9 mm and available soon for the M4 Carbine & the M16 RAIL Interface System.RATS pioneered the use of intergrated laser optics with automatic weapons that allows for target acquisition on one focal plane, instead of three planes (rear sight, front sight, target) required by iron sights. This achieves Maximum Hit Probability Under Combat Conditions.


RATS is designed to maximize effectiveness by reducing aiming error. It is faster to "put the dot on the target" than concentrate on the correct sight picture with iron sights, or the exact positioning of crosshairs, or similar devices on other types of sighting systems. In addition, the time required for target identification and acquisition is instantaneous.

RATS combat-ready design is the most effective interface between man and machine. All wiring and electronics are completely confined to the vertical foregrip, which is more ergonomic than traditional foregrips, and is ambidextrous. There are no appendages to get in your way, no external wires to get entangled, no pressure activation switches to jeopardize your position and possibly your life by accidental activation. RATS activates when you want it to activate. Constructed of the strongest, lightweight alloys and mil-spec components, it is exceptionally rugged and dependable, and does not modify the ability to add accessories, such as suppressors to the weapon.

RATS adds muzzle-weight, reducing "muzzle-jump" to keep you on target, without altering the balance of the weapon. Installs with no modication, takes seconds to fieldstrip for cleaning or maintenance, requiring no tools, and returns to "zero" when reassembled.

RATS - tomorrow's leading edge technology for today.

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